What is Google AdSense and How does it work

What is Google AdSense and How does it work

What is Google AdSense and How does it work?

What is Google AdSense and how does it work? Most of you’ve heard this name, Well! while starting any online work the motivation behind any that is to earn money, whether you do blogging or create content for Youtube. Google AdSense is an Advertising company who provide you Ads to place on your website to Generate online earning.

Most of we think that we’ll create a website and will earn huge money online, Guys this shouldn’t be the right mindset. How much you’ll earn online it totally depends on your hard work. Your Hard work speaks to get revenue from an online source.

Creating a Website is not the only thing, you must work on your content, the powerful your content will be, the more audience will visit your website. To have the internet and creating a website will not work for your online earning, You’ll have to work seriously for that.

As well said, “Nothing can be achieved without hard work”, So work hard and let your hard work soar.

When I used to write a blog my mindset is not only to share information with you but also motivates you toward work. Start working from now to achieve something in the future.

Let come to the topic, AdSense is a medium that helps to generate income from an online medium. Suppose you’ve manufactured any product and in order to generate the income you’ll need to sell that so similarly you’ve made your website and written wonderful content in order to generate income through you’ll need to place Ads on your website. Google AdSense plays a crucial role here through Google AdSense you get Ads that you can place on your website and based on Adsense policy you’ll get income as a number of people will click on your Ads. Let discuss Google AdSense in detail.

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is one of Google Product which helps to place Ads on your website and generate earning. In order to generate an online income from Google AdSense, you should have a blog or Youtube channel. To place Google Ads on your Website you’ll need to apply for Google AdSense account.

There are some terms and conditions that are pre-decided by Google in order to get AdSense approval such as for website you should have created important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, Disclaimer, Unique content, etc. and for youtube, there should be minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour watch time.

If your online website or Youtube channel met Google requirements then you’ll get Google AdSense approval and after that, you can add  Google AdSense add on your Website in order to generate online earning.

You can earn in two ways on your website after placing Ads.

Impression: Impression means how many times your Ad is viewed to the visitor.

Click: It depends on how many times a user clicked on your Ads.

Google AdSense is a great source of income and people are earning huge from that. If you’re serious about online earning so please start from now to work on your online content. The most difficult part for every blogger is to get Google AdSense approval. Once you get Approval then you can place ads anywhere on your website which will result in earning.

In order to get Google AdSense approval do write unique and good content and one day, you’ll definitely get AdSense approval. Never give up.

How does Google Adsense Works?

Suppose you’ve created a website and you’re getting good traffic also but in order to generate income from your website you’ll need to show ads on that.

Being an individual it’s not possible to approach every company to get their ads shown on your website, In this scenario, Google AdSense comes handy.

Google AdSense is a Google product in which advertisers register themselves to promote their products through Ads. Google AdSense is simply a platform provided both to advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers promote their products by adding Ads to Google AdSense and publisher publishes their content. To generate income, they place Advertiser Ads on their website. Google AdSense is just a medium between Advertisers and publishers.

Let learn with an Example, Suppose you have a website called abc.com and you’ve published your content here you’ll be called Publisher. To generate the income you’ll need to place Ads on your website and you’ve placed Godaddy Ads on your blog/website, here Godaddy is an advertiser.

Google AdSense get Advertisement from advertisers and provides them to publishers. The number of people who click and watch Ads after visiting website based margin ratio predecided, Google takes some margin and provides other portions to its publishers.

I hope this blog helped to know What is Google AdSense and how it works. If you find the article helpful please do share it and for any query write down on the comment section.

Many thanks for reading the post, Sharing is Caring 🙂 🙂

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