What is Google 2 step Verification and how to enable it for Gmail?

What is Google 2 step Verification and gmail two step verification

What is Google 2 Step verification and how to enable it for Gmail?

What is Google 2 Step Verification? Every task performed today via the internet is not secure and we require Gmail account access in most of our online task which makes our Gmail account riskier. Google 2 step verification is one of Google features, after enabling it your Gmail account gets more secure and there is less probability of hacking it.

What is Gmail two factor authentication?

To make your Gmail account more secure a feature is launched by Google which is known as 2 step verification or two-factor authentication.

Generally, when we log in to our Gmail account we enter our username and password however after enabling Gmail two factor authentication every time when you’ll log in to your Gmail account an OTP (one-time-password)  will be sent to your mobile number which will make your Gmail access more secure.

After enabling Gmail two factor authentication in order to access your Gmail account you’ll need to enter your username, password and an OTP that will be sent to your mobile number which you need to verify.

Simply with two-factor authentication, you’ll need to verify your OTP including username and password.


Why Google two-step verification required?

As we know our everyday online task is done through the internet and everywhere we require our Gmail account access. In order to make our information more secure Gmail two-step verification plays an important role.

In day to day online task, you’ve seen most of the social media website requires your Gmail access. When you create any social media account like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc everywhere you require Gmail access. Doing Gmail two set verification protects your information.

Yet, if you haven’t done Gmail two-step verification please do that I’ll be sharing the complete steps below how you can enable Gmail two-step verification.

How to enable Gmail two steps Verification?

Step1: Login Gmail account.

Step2: If you’ve already logged in, click on the Gmail icon in top right-hand corner> Click on manage your Google Account.

Step3: Click on the security menu bar

Step4: You’ll see Sign in to Google under that you’ll get an option for 2 step verification, Click on that.

Step5: A new window will appear where you’ll get details about 2 step verification read that carefully before proceeding.

Step6: Click on Get started.

Step7: It will ask to enter your Gmail password please enter that.

Step8: Enter your mobile number.

Step9: Select how do you want to get codes? A text message or phone call at your convenience.

Step10: Click on next.

Step11: Enter the verification code that you received on your number.

Step12: Click next and a window will appear It worked! Turn on 2 step verification?

Step13: Click on turn ON the option.

Step14: That’s all your two-step verification is completed and you’ll get a where it’ll show two-step verification is ON since.

How to turn off Google two-step verification for Gmail?

Step1: Login to Gmail account.

Step2: Click on the security menu.

Step3: Click on 2 step verification bar.

Step4: Enter your password > A verification code will be sent to your number enter that.

Step5: You’ll get an option on the top to turn off, Click on that and your two-step verification will get disabled.


Guys, After knowing about Google 2 step verification you must enable two-step verification for your Google account. It’ll boost the security of your Google account.

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