What is Alexa Rank and how to increase Alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank and how to increase Alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank and how to increase Alexa rank?

Hello, everyone If you’re curious to know what is Alexa Rank and how to increase Alexa rank and related information then you’re at the right post. Under this post, we’ll discuss the major aspect of Alexa Rank.

Most of you’ve heard about Alexa Rank or have a bit of knowledge here we’ll discuss what are the benefits of using Alexa Rank and who can use it?

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a traffic checker tool that is owned by Amazon. With the help of the Alexa Rank tool, you can check your and other website traffic.

Alexa Rank is a website through which you can know about your Website Traffic, Country rank, and Global website Rank, Top ranking keywords with percentage, Bounce rate, traffic source, etc.

Website visitors rate, bounce rate, etc are the scenarios that Alexa analyzes to rank the indexed websites on the internet.

Benefits of Alexa Rank

With the help of Alexa Rank, you can check your and other website country and Global rank.

  1. Alexa Rank will help you to know the Website bounce rate, Top ranking keywords with percentage, Traffic source, Alexa website ranking, etc.

2. By using Alexa Rank you can know how many visitors visit your website per day, page views, page time, Related website.

3. You can check Country-wise page views, Who is visiting your website it’s Male, Female or below 18 age people.

4. Alexa rank checker is available in two versions Free and paid, Underpaid you’ll get features like Keyword Gap, Easy to rank keywords, Buyer keyword, Optimisations opportunities, Traffics source and Referral sites, etc.

5. The Paid version includes deep access with advance Alexa rank features.

How to increase Alexa Rank of your website?

In order to increase Alexa Rank of your website, you can download Alexa Rank extension free for your browser and then you can track your website bounce rate traffic source, page views, etc.

  1. Publish Regular post this will help to increase content on your website and that will result in more visitor engagement to your website.

2. Do proper SEO of your post to rank on Google. The higher your post will rank, the more chance of page views that will result in boosting the Alexa rank of your website.

3. Create high domain authority backlinks for your website.

4. Do proper keyword research and target low competition keywords that will help your website to rank faster.

5. Write Unique content and avoid using copyrighted video and images on your post.
Include internal post links on your article.

6. If you’re using WordPress platform for your website then you can install Yoast SEO plugin to do proper post SEO.

How to check Alexa Rank?

  1. Visit the Alexa website.

2. Enter your Website URL or competition website URL for which you’re looking to know data.

3. You’ll get your website complete ranking information.

You can also add Alexa extension to your browser to check Website ranking, traffic and more.

Step 1: Visit Alexa.com

Step 2: Click on Install Alexa extension for your browser.

Step 3: A new window will open, click on Add to chrome option.

Step 4: Click on Add extension

Step 5: You’ll able to see the Alexa logo at the top right-hand side corner.

Step 6: Click on that logo a new window will open then click on Accept and enable.

Step 7: Installation successful window will appear.

That’s all the installation is completed. You can click on the Alexa logo to fetch website ranking information.


Under this post, we’ve discussed what is Alexa Rank, how to increase Alexa rank and benefit of Alexa rank. If you find the information is helpful please do share this post.

Thank you!

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