What are the Aquatic Animals? Everything You Should Know

What are the Aquatic Animals?

Aquatic animals are those animals which live most of their life underwater. These refereed to those species who live in freshwater or saltwater.

They are also called freshwater animals. They live most of their life in the ocean, or freshwaters like ponds, rivers and lakes. Saltwater animals also termed as marine animals.

Things or facts you should know on aquatic animals

  1. Aquatic animals are those animals who live in water like ocean, ponds, lakes and rivers.
  2. The research reported that the number of water animals is higher compared to animals live on land.
  3.  Many water animals require oxygen to survive hence such animals are called Air-breathing Aquatic animals.
  4. Many companies dumb their waste materials, chemicals on rivers that harming water animals life span.
  5. Water Animals that live in saltwater are also termed as marine animals.
  6.  Aquatic animals have different species, some of them breathe through gills and some are though lungs.
  7. Gangas River Dolphin or river Dolphin is the national aquatic animals of India.
  8. Molluscs are spineless water animals which means they don’t have a backbone. Example Squids, octopuses, cuttlefish, snails etc.
  9. The whale is the largest animal on the earth. Whales produce milk from their mammary glands.
  10. Dolphins are the most intelligent Aquatic animals.

Aquatic animals

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General knowledge questions or Quiz on Aquatic animals

Question:1 Do Jellyfish have a brain?
Answer: No, Jellyfish do not have a brain.

Question:2 What is the name of the change where all amphibians undergo a  change from infancy to adulthood?
Answer- Metamorphosis

Question:3 How Dolphin use to breath?
Answer- Dolphin breathes through the lungs.

Question:4 How many pair of legs a Carb have?
Answer- 5

Question:5 What is a Shark Skeleton made of?
Answer- Cartilage

Question:6 How amphibians reproduce?
Answer- By laying eggs

Question:7 How many feats a humpback whale can leap in the air?
Answer- 23ft. (7 meters).

Question:8 Where is the heart of a Shrimp located?
Answer- The heart of a Shrimp is located at the bottom of the head.

Question:9 How many arms does a starfish have?
Answer- 5

Question:10 Why stonefish is extremely venomous?
Answer- Stonefish is extremely venomous because it produces a venom from its 13 spines connected to a gland which is enough to kill a man.

Question:11 How does a Jellyfish move?
Answer- A Jellyfish move by squeezing its body rhythmically.

Question:12 The name Amphibians comes from the Greek word, what is that means?
Answer- It means double life, the word Amphibians comes from the Greek word amphibious which the combination of Amphi, it means two or double.

Question:13 How many eggs each year a Sunfish lays?
Answer- A Sunfish lays 300 million eggs each year.

Question:14 What is the speed a Swordfish can swim?
Answer- The Swordfish can swim at a speed of 62 miles per hour.

Question:15 What is the colour of Telescope Octopus?
Answer- Transparent

Question:16 What is the name of World’s fastest Shark?
Answer- The World fastest Shark is Shortfin mako

Question:17 Seahorse uses its tail for what?
Answer- It uses tail for Grasping things.

Frequently asked questions

1. List of Aquatic animals live in Water?

a. Whales
b. Sharks
c. Seals
d. Mollusca
e. Sponge
f. Stingray and more

2. What are the examples of Aquatic animals?

These are those animals who live underwater such as oceans, ponds, lakes, rivers etc. Example are fish, Whales, Sharks, Crabs, Octopus, Crocodiles, dolphins, sponge, eels, and more. Check out here

3. What are the aquatic plant and animals?

These are those species live in the aquatic environment like saltwater or freshwater.

4. What is the largest sea animals?

The largest sea animal is the Blue whale.

5. Why do Aquatic animals survive in water?

They’ve special organs like gills through which they can take oxygen in the water.
These species belong to the water and their body is designed in such a way that can survive in water.

6. How do Aquatic animals get oxygen?

They get oxygen into their body by pumping water through gills. Gills work similarly as our lungs do, we inhale oxygen from outside and lungs send oxygen to the blood. On the same way, Gills extract oxygen from water and send it to fish blood.

7. Aquatic animals stock images.

Check stock images at Sutter stock,  pexels, uplash.com.


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