Ubersuggest Review 2020 : Awesome Free Keyword research tool

ubersuggest free seo tool

Ubersuggest is one of the best keywords research tools available in the market. We’re going to learn about the Ubersuggest review here.

There are many paid tools on the market that help you check backlinks, keyword search volume, keyword ideas, etc. You all know that most of the free tools on the market are not offering the features that paid tool offers.

We need a nice SEO tool to help us keep track of search volume, keyword research, check backlinks from rivals, etc. However, in my latest studies, I discovered a website managed by one of the SEO specialists, Neil Patel.

Guys the name of the website is https:/app.neilpatel.com (Ubersuggest), which is the best solution to SEMrush and Ahref. SEMrush and Ahref are too expensive and it is impossible for everyone to purchase their plans.

“Why pay if you get it free of charge”

There are no premium deals, no registration difficulties, no credit card or debit card difficulties.

Just visit Ubersuggest (https:/app.neilpatel.com) and find the cost-free keyword and accurate search quantity.

You can use Ubersuggest for keyword research and search volume at the initial stage of your website, I also use this website for keyword research and much more.

So far my blogging journey with Ubersuggest is pretty awesome and I’d recommend that everyone use this tool once. Use Neil Patel’s free SEO tool Ubersuggest instead of paying a lot in SEMrush & Ahref.


Who is Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a businessman. He’s a bestselling author from the New York Times.

The Wall Street Journal calls him a major internet influencer, Forbes claims he’s one of the top ten marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine states he’s produced one of the top 100 wonderful businesses. He was ranked by President Obama as a top 100 businessman under the era of 30 and by the United Nations as a top 100 entrepreneur under the era of 35.

Through his blog (Neil Patel blog) and youtube channel, he motivates people about blogging, digital marketing, how to do website SEO, and much more.

  1. Neil Patel blog
  2. Neil Patel Youtube Channel 


Neil Patel Free SEO Tool Features Ubersuggest:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Check exact search Volume
  3. Competitor keyword by entering their domain
  4. Keyword Ideas
  5. SEO difficulty
  6. Backlink Data
  7. Search keyword by Country

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Now Let’s check Ubersuggest Features:


1.  Keyword research 

ubersuggest keyword research


This tool allows us to search for keywords, you’ll get an option at the top Enter a domain or keyword, you just need to enter the keyword you’re willing to write an article or post.

This tool will assist you to get the search volume along with ideas for keywords and the website that ranks on the top pages of Google.

By selecting the country drop-down option, you can search for a keyword to target a particular country.

There are many free keyword research tools on the market, such as Keyword everywhere, Keywordtool.io, etc., but I would suggest that Neil Patel’s free SEO tool Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tools on the market to discover.

  • Keyword Volume
  • Keyword Ideas 
  • SEO Difficulty 
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Paid Difficulty 
  • Top ranking website on google and their traffic volume.
  • Check keyword of sites that are ranking at the top.

2. Domain overview

ubersuggest Domain overview

This allows you to check the search volume, traffic, keywords in which they rank, domain score, etc. of your competitor site.

This is one of the greatest characteristics I like about Ubersuggest, so you can readily check the keyword of your ranking competitor and steal keywords to expand your website traffic.

What feature do you have in the domain overview?

  1. Organic keyword volume of competitors
  2. Organic monthly traffic to competitors
  3. Domain score
  4. Quantity of backlinks
  5. Traffic volume last 10 months
  6. Top SEO pages
  7. Top SEO Country Pages
  8. SEO keywords
  9. Position of the page of the competitor on Google.Estimated page visit.


3.  Backlinks Data

Ubersuggest helps you to know the number of other websites backlinks.

It’s a paid feature in most tools, to know the backlink data, but Ubersuggest helps you find out how many backlinks other websites make.

You can check Domain Score, Number of Backlinks, Non-Follow Backlinks, Several Domain References and how many Backlinks are from.gov or.edu domains.


4. Keyword Suggestion

Ubersuggest will assist you with suggestions for keywords and this one of the greatest features I like most about Ubersuggest.

Through suggestions for keywords, you can find out what more people are searching in connection with that keyword along with search volume and SEO problem.


5. SEO analyzer

SEO analyzer will assist you to understand your website’s mistake.

However, this function is not free in most SEO tools and most individuals are investing a lot of money to solve site mistakes.

Fixing site mistakes is a good practice, but it is not possible for everyone to pay for it, so how do you recognize these mistakes without paying anything?

Well, Unbersuggest is the best choice, it’s one of the greatest characteristics of Ubersuggest and you can use it to solve mistakes on your website.

So Ubersuggest is one of the finest free-of-cost SEO tools on the market with amazing functionality. Please use it and it will definitely assist you to expand your website.


Reasons why you should use Ubersuggest 

  1. Free SEO tool in the market with amazing features.
  2. Easy to understand and use
  3. No registration required
  4. Provide keyword exact search Volume (Country specific)
  5. Check your and other website domain score
  6. It helps you to analyze errors on your website and fix them.
  7. It helps to check the competitor’s keyword in which they are ranking.
  8. Know the competitor’s organic keyword search volume and number of backlinks.
  9. Helps in keyword suggestions
  10. Track monthly traffic of competitors. (appx last 10 months)




Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO tools on the market as a personal option and if you’re a beginner and are looking for a free tool that will definitely help you in keyword research, backlinks and more.

If you are already using Neil Patel’s free SEO tool with Ubersuggest then kindly comment on your knowledge to assist others to select the finest free SEO tool.

Share your valuable review in the comment section of Ubersuggest and please tell us how much you rate out of 10 and why.


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