Set custom Domain for Blogger with complete steps

Set custom domain for blogger

Set Custom Domain name for Blogger

Set Custom Domain for Blogger, Well, Guys Most of you have started your blogging journey with Blogger/ At present, if you want your website to get monetize for Google Adsense faster than you’ll need to connect your Blogger Website to a Custom Domain.

Custom Domain like .com, .in, .net, .org get Google Adsense approval quicker as compare to Blogspot is an amazing Google’s own hosting platform through which you can create a website and make it available to the world.

This blog will help you how you can set up a custom domain for blogger website, Under this blog, we’ll take an example of third party domain provider Godaddy. If you’ve purchased your domain with any other platform you can follow the same process with that as well.

Benefits of setting Custom domain for Blogger

  1. Custom domain like .com, .in, .net, .org get prioritized Google Adsense approval as compare to
  2. A domain like .com adds high-value domain authority.
  3.  Helps in search engine ranking.
  4.  You can create brand Value by using a custom domain with .com,.net,.org and sounds more prominent.
  5. You can pronounce a custom domain with easy, Example you’ve and the other is, You can easily identify which sounds better. It’s better to have a short domain name rather than being too long.
  6. The root-level domain shows a trustworthy website in the user’s eyes.

Assuming that you’ve already a Blogspot Website and you’ve purchased a Domain name from Godaddy or any third party Domain provider.

If you’ve not created a Website on Blogger then please do create a Website and also purchase a domain name. Under this blog, I’m sharing complete information with steps to connect the custom domain of Godaddy with Blogger.

Steps how you can set Godaddy Domain for Blogger/Blogspot

  1. Visit your Blogger Dashboard >Under setting >basic.
  2. Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog.
  3. Enter the custom domain URL which you’ve from Godaddy.
  4. Remember you’ll need to add www. as a prefix on your domain name (like
  5. Once you’ll click on save you’ll get an error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain” and below you’ll get DNS records and C Name records.
  6. Next Visit your Godaddy Account.
  7. Visit My Domain > Select Domain which you’re want to redirect> You’ll get three dots below next steps > Click on three dots >Click on Manage DNS.
  8. Pops will appear to> click on Add Records.
  9. Under type select CName> Visit Blogger, the same page where you received error> Copy www > paste under host under in Godaddy DNS record section.
  10. Copy Target or points from Blogger which is next to www > Paste under “points to” Godaddy.
  11. Click Save on Godaddy after adding information from the blogger.
  12. Similarly, Add new records in Godaddy > Copy host Field and Points to field from blogger and paste them to Godaddy records.
  13. In the last step, you’ll need to add IP records in Godaddy the same DNS section.
  14. Click on Add > Under host select A > Under under “points to” add IP address > Click save.
  15. You’ll need to add 4 IP addresses in the same way.

The IP address that you’ll need to add is

16. That’s all with Godaddy DNS management records. Now you’ll need to wait for 10 minutes till 4 hours to get custom domain goes active globally and redirect to the Blogspot website.

17. The last thing, Visit Blogger > Tick on Redirect section which says “redirect to” and save.


That’s all for this blog. Here we’ve learned with complete steps how to Set up a third-party Domain name for Blogger. If you found this blog helpful please do share this post and have any query share on the comment section.

Many thanks for reading blog 🙂 🙂

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