How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy 2020

 How to register a Domain name with GoDaddy 

Register a Domain name with GoDaddy

Well! Welcome everyone to blog, I hope you’re doing great. We’re going to talk about how to register a domain name with GoDaddy on this blog. It’s pretty easy to register a domain name with Godaddy and you’re going to get a complete guide on this blog.

 About GoDaddy (in short) 

GoDaddy is an American publicly traded, Scottsdale-based Internet domain registrar and web hosting firm. Godaddy was founded in 1997 in Baltimore by Bob Parsons.

GoDaddy was reported as the world’s biggest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2013, four times its nearest competitor.

Godaddy primarily offers domain names, web hosting, online marketing, internet security and more.

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 What is a Domain name? 

A domain name is the Web resource code that the Web server understands universally. For a website, the domain name is very important and it is a human-readable address through which people can recognize the name of your site.

Basically, your domain name is your website’s identity. Because of the domain name, someone will visit your website.

A domain name consists of  3 parts :

www. – indicates the web address (World wide web)

middle part The middle part of the Domain name represents the company or organization name.

.com –  the last part represents the domain suffix

Domain’s last portion describes what sort of domain it is:

Examples are-

  • .Com –  Company
  • .Org  Organization
  • .Net Network provider
  • .edu educational establishment

In addition, nations use their own suffix for the domain name, with the exception of the USA.


  • Domain suffix for the Indian company
  • Domain suffix  for the United Kingdom company
  • Domain suffix for the Australian company

Let’s bring a domain name example

Here www. It’s the web address, Bloggingaxis is our website’s domain name and .com is the company’s suffix. If we only used this portal to function in the UK area, we used the internet name as

 How to register the best domain name 

  1. suffix is the world’s most widely used domain suffix and the most prestigious domain is this idea.
  2. Do not use the hyphen(-) between your domain name.
  3. The domain name should be short and it should be easy to remember.
  4. Choose your domain name to indicate your website’s indication. (Means your domain names must specify the purpose of your blog).
  5. Research the most widely used keyword and use it to rank your website in your domain name. (Pro hint)

 Why buy a domain from GoDaddy 

  • GoDaddy is the world’s most widely used domain registrar.
  • Has a customer base of 18.5M+.
  • Provide the best domain registration offers and deals.
  • The most trusted registrar brand of domain.
  • Provides the best prices for various domain suffixes.,.in,

Steps to set up GoDaddy domain name registration 

The steps below with screenshot are similar to every country you purchase the domain name for.

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 Step 1 

  • Go to GoDaddy’s official website.
  •  In the domain name search field, enter the domain name and search for the domain name which you require. (see the below screenshot)
  • Make sure the domain name which you want for your website should be available otherwise you will not be able to buy it.
step 1

Step 2

  • If you get the result below after the search, you don’t have a domain name available.
step 2

Step 3 

  • You will see the available option of the domain name and with the suffix(.com,, .work,etc.)
step 3

Step 4 

  • Search for another domain name and check whether that name is available or not. Below we have searched for the getdomain24 and that domain name was available.
  • After that, click on add the domain name to the cart option.
step 4

Step 5 

  • After clicking to Add to cart click on Continue to Cart
step 5

Step 6 

  • After clicking on continue to cart you will see a page like below screenshot, Click everything on no thanks option.
step 6

Step 7 

  • Next step click on continue to the cart.
step 7

Step 8 

  • After clicking on continue to cart you will see a page where you will find an option to create an account or sign inif you have already a GoDaddy account then log in with your credentials or create a new account. 


step 8

Step 9 

  • Login with your details. (if you have already a GoDaddy account.)
  • If not create a new account.
step 9

Step 10 

  • The last step is completing the payment.
step 10

Cheers!! You are finished with GoDaddy domain registration and you will receive a confirmation email that you purchased the domain name successfully.

I hope this information will help you learn about the registration of GoDaddy domain.

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