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What is the Full form of PR in Social media?

Full form of PR is Public Relations.  The meaning of Public relation (PR) is managing a relationship between an organisation and it’s public. 

A PR works with an organisation, company, Government and an Individual that cultivate to portray the ideas, decision, reputation of its client positively.

PR works with Government agency to explain new government policies to the public. A PR is responsible to portray his/her client image positively to the public.

In a simple word, the work of PR is to maintain a well-established relationship with the public. All the information shared should be transparent to its public to create a friendly relationship.

For every sector, public relations play a very vital role. A brand image plays a very important role to win the trust of the public.

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The Full form of PR in Science is Praseodymium. Pr stand for Praseodymium is a chemical element with atomic number 59 and atomic mass 140.

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The full form of PR in Finance stands for Purchase Requisition. Purchase requisition means when an employee makes any purchase or order on behalf of their company. The purchase requisition is a document that needs to submit by an employee to department manager or purchasing offer to inform on the purchasing process.

3. PR full form

  • As per country Government policy – Permanent resident (PR)
  • Transport – Phillipian airlines
  •  Media – Press release. It’s a piece of official information shared to the public with the help of media. Any Trailer, lunch event where media person are invited to cover the story and make that available to the public is called a Press release.

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