How to start a blog in 2020 that helps in earning

how do i start a blog

How to start a blog in 2020 (complete beginner guide)?

Well! That’s a great idea you want to blog, how are you going to start a blog? (Complete Blog Start Guide)

The beginners need to understand some stuff to begin a blog when I began my blogging journey, I was too confused about the blog.

There’s a lot of issues in your mind about the blog, like:

  • How to get a blog started?
  • Which topic to start blogging with?
  • How’s my blogging trip going to be?
  • I’m going to give blog time or not?
  • Why do I need to begin blogging?
  • Is blogging going to help earn? etc.

Well!! I hope all fresh bloggers face these questions while beginning their own blogging journey.

Here in this blog, at the start of the blogging trip, we will attempt to assist you with the fundamental issue that everyone faces.

Before you start a blog, let’s talk about the questions that arise in your mind to move forward with the technicality of the blogging step and everything.

Why you should start a blog?

It’s supposed to be your first question, Why do you want to blog? How’s a blog going to assist? How long you’d like to go on your blogging journey.

You’ll get to understand what’s best for you after a question and response session with yourself.

Blogging will definitely assist you to enhance your abilities and understanding, but to start a blog you will need to have a mindset.

Once you’ve finished, you can believe in a blogging company. Here you’ll start your trip ….. Cheers!!! Good luck.

Let’s start to learn about blogging and how to set up your first blog.

What is blogging or a blog?

What basically blogging or blogging is all about? Well, blogging is a place whereby writing an article or blog you can share your knowledge with millions of individuals.

It’s all about sharing your knowledge with writing, learning fresh stuff, building abilities, and helping the world with the finest information that you can deliver.

It will assist you to boost knowledge, develop abilities, gain cash, gain name and fame, get individuals involved, generate fresh thoughts, etc.

Should you start a blog?

Yes, you should definitely begin blogging, but first, you should think about it, as we discussed this in Why you should start blogging?

Blogging is a wonderful platform for beginning to write the thing and make it accessible to the globe. It’s a good idea to write a blog, it will definitely assist you to enhance your abilities and understanding.

If you’re going to ask me for the blogging suggestion, I’m going to recommend starting everyone who’s planning to blog, imagine you’re getting such a great platform through which you can help millions of people, earn money by doing affiliate marketing, Google ads, enhance skills, etc.

If you get such a great platform, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity, it’s better to work for yourself.

“Become your own boss!!!”
“Be a job creator, not a job seeker!!!”


How to motivate for blogging?

Once we’ve made our mindset, we stuck to start that. Let’s take an example that most of you think I’m going to start blogging from today but ask yourself how many are you going to implement that?

As you all understand, we believe a lot throughout the day, but how many actually implement this is the question, if you’ve been thinking about the blog, then begin implementing it.

Yes, you think that’s correct!! Making the mindset is nothing unless you do it, so begin putting stuff into practice rather than thinking a lot.

If you’ve been blogging from now on so start implementing it, take the necessary steps to start a blog like deciding a topic you want to blog, buying a domain name, hosting plan, etc.

“Implementing things is more important than thinking.”


What are the benefits of a Blog :

This is the first issue that sticks in everybody’s mind. What are we going to get after blogging? Okay!! Here we’re going to discuss the advantages of blogging.

  • Share your knowledge.
  • explore your passion for money-making.
  • It helps in improving skills and knowledge.
  • Great platform to connect yourself to millions of readers.
  • Share your experience.
  • Make people’s life easier by providing the best information.
  • Promote your business.
  • Improves your typing speed, etc.


What things require to blog?

It’s a very popular question that comes up in everybody’s mind, What are the blogging stuff? And that’s fine! Most of them are leaving because of the absence of understanding.

  • No technical knowledge required to blog.
  • No huge investment required.
  • Must have knowledge and writing skills
  • No team required (Be a boss and start with self)
  • Computer, Tablet or Smartphone through all you can start a blog.
  • Motivate yourself and start doing it from today.


We’re all scared to begin a blog because of investment, absence of team members, lack of facilities, but I’m going to say begin doing it from now on, there’s only one piece of hardware that requires it can be anything like a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Now for the investment, you can start blogging free with blogger or you can opt for the domain or hosting it will cost you a maximum of $30.
You can check the domain name and host by going to the below link and choose any one plan according to your budget.

Best hosting providers.

  1. Bluehost 
  2. Hostgator
  3. Siteground
  4. Hostinger
  5. Inmotion
  6. Resellerclub


Best domain providers

Here’s the list of best domain suppliers, but you can also choose your domain from the hosting providers. If you don’t get nice offers on the domain name and it seems expensive to you, you can check the link below and discover the best deals on the domain name.

  2. Resellerclub

Let’s start with setting up a blog for beginners and discuss step by step how to set up a blog or website:

Steps to set up your blog:

Step 1: Choose a niche or subject you would like to blog

The selection of topics is very important in 2020, there was a day when you could earn cash without focusing on the subject, but people used to write on different niches before.

You need to pick target-oriented readers to be successful in the blogging sector in 2020.

Choose a subject you want to blog or write various posts. It’s really difficult to encourage and create your audience by writing articles on various subjects.

Stick to a specific niche and cover as many topics as you can cover under that particular niche, you’ll have advantages, and if you stick to a particular topic, Google will rank your site or blog.

Readers who will read your blog will understand which subject is all about your blog or website and which topic you cover on your blog in general.

So choose the correct subject for sharing your expertise and involving big readers.

You can choose a niche such as health tips (in which you will share health-enhancing tips), acoustic guitar (guitar reviews and guitar courses for beginners), etc.

Your niche can be on on your personal hobbies such as cricket, football, guitar (you can share an understanding of cricket, assist individuals to play guitar by offering classes on your website, etc.

So choose a niche where you can write lengthy articles and explain well to individuals, your interest or hobbies play a significant part here.

Choose a niche where multiple articles can be written and don’t get bored. So plan to take a pen and write a list of niches that you can blog and choose the best one.

Step2: Name selection

It is essential to figure out your blog or website name after selecting a niche, so pick the best name for your blog or website.

You can select any name for your blog or website, but it will be nice to select names based on your niche as your audience will understand by “name” in which field you blog.

Before choosing a blogging axis as my domain name or blog name, I have a distinct name for this blog.

That name doesn’t seem good, however, so I’ve investigated and discovered the “Blogging Axis” the other name for my blog and I’m pleased and proud of this domain name’s proprietor.

So always choose your blog or site’s best name.

Step3: Domain registration 

Choosing a blog name is not just one to start your blog, but it’s very important to choose the best name, and it’s very hard to get that domain name.

Currently, you can’t readily get the name you’ve chosen for your blog, before choosing your blog’s name, please make sure you’ve got a 3-4 blog name.

Now after searching for those names with the domain providers and just purchase that domain from the chosen name you can find. Below is the list of top domain providers and from there you can find the availability and buy a domain.

Step4: How to Buy a Domain name 

Once you’ve found the domain name available now, we’ll tell you the steps with the famous domain and hosting providers and you’ve all heard about the Resellerclub.

Let’s start how to buy your hosting and domain name. We began our blogging trip with Resellerclub, however, and it’s surprisingly cheap and reliable.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t have much to invest, you can begin with Resellerclub.

  •  Go to Resellerclub
  •  Click on Domain Reseller 

  • Click on domain registration
  • Select a domain name 
  • Add to cart 
  • Proceed with the payment

Step5: How to buy a Hosting (an example of Reseller club hosting)  

  • Go to Resellerclub
  • Click on hosting 

  • Click on shared hosting 

  • You will see a page like below
  • Select any of the plans according to your requirements and budget.
  • For beginners select a personal plan
  • Choose the duration for which you want shared hosting (like 1 year, 2 years so on )
  • Click on buy

  • Click Proceed to Checkout 


  • Choose the payment method 
  • Then click Pay online 



  • After that fill your card details 
  • And click on Pay now


Cheers!! Domain and hosting were purchased by you. Now is the time to set up your account.

Step4: Step up WordPress (The best way to customize and make live your blog on the web)

You have to install WordPress after a good domain buys and hosting now to make your site visible to the world.

So you need to go into your C panel and discover a software choice, just click on WordPress and then press install. Before installing any WordPress option please fill in thoroughly. 

On the WordPress installation page, you will find a username and password option, please enter your new username and password carefully.

You will get an admin link ( of WordPress which you have to use every time you make changes or write any blog.


Once done with the WordPress installation. Go to the WordPress dashboard and start customizing things.


Step5: Select a theme for your Website or blog

After the successful installation of you need to select a theme for your website or blog.

You will find lots of free themes in WordPress you need to simply install anyone which one you think best suites for your blog and then customize it according to your requirements. 

  • Go to Appearance option in WordPress 
  • Click on Themes option
  • You will find a search themes option or you can scroll down and will find multiple themes
  • Select and customize any according to your blog needs.


Step6: Start writing your first blog 

After the successful installation of a theme now you are wondering what next right?

 Now you have to write your post and pages, you are done with the installation of theme and blogging setup.

Its time to deliver the knowledge or the motive you have started blogging. 

Write down your pages like About us in which you can share your details like why you have started blogging? what readers will get into your post? and so on.

You will see an option of posts, Click on it and start writing a blog.


Cheers!! You are now ready to connect your blog with the world, Start delivering good content and be consistent on the blog, You will get success into this.

“Be patient, give time and Wait for the success.”

All the best for the blog!!

If you are reading this it means you have read above content, I hope you liked this post and the content. if you really like please do share and give your valuable feedback into the comment section.

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