Download Riti Riwaj Part 2 (Wife on rent) June 2020: Leaked by TamilRockers, Filmywap, Movierulz

Download Riti Riwaj part 2 – Ullu App is an online video streaming Application. This application is famous for Ullu Web series, Ullu Short videos, Ullu Original Film.

Ullu App is on-trend as they’ve recently released Riti Riwaj wife on rent web series part 2. Ullu App is famous for releasing Adult web series.

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The first part of Riti Riwaj was a famous web series, and people are eagerly waiting for Riti Riwaj part 2. To watch or download Riti Riwaj web series, you will need to purchase  Ullu App PRIME member subscription.

They offer four prime membership plans.

  1.  One year Subscription discounted cost is Rs 198 (The actual price is Rs 999).
  2. Six Month Subscription discounted cost is Rs 144 (The actual price is Rs 600).
  3. Three Month Subscription discounted cost is Rs 300 (The actual price is Rs 99).
  4. Five days Subscription discounted cost is Rs 36 (The actual price is Rs 54).

Note: I update the price detail on 23rd April 2020. In upcoming days the price may get varied.

Download Riti Riwaj wife of rent and Riti Riwaj water wives

Riti Riwaj Water Wives has released on 17th March 2020, and they released Riti Riwaj Wife on Rent part on 3rd April 2020. As per the update, after the release of Riti Riwaj part 2 on Ullu App, TamilRockers, RdxHD movies, Filmywap leaked its HD version for free on their website.

TamilRockers, RdxHD movies, Filmy wap is pirated websites. They upload pirated content like web series, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Malayalam movies.

Riti Riwaj part 1 was a famous web series and because of the popularity of part 1 people are searching to download Riti Riwaj season 2 episodes.

Riti Riwaj Wife on Rent part 2 Storyline and cast

The story is of a common man who slept with his friend’s wife. After sleeping with his friend’s wife, he realised that the lady used to live on rent.

Getting inspired by the lady, he exactly arranged the same scenario for himself. After living with a lady for quite some time, he got to know that she is behaving like his actual wife. To watch or download Riti Riwaj complete series, visit Ullu App.

The cast of Riti Riwaj Wife on Rent

Web series Riti Riwaj Wife in Rent
Director Vinod Laxmi Kumar
Cast Hansi Parmar as Kusum, Payal Gupta as Rani, Komal Singh as Kim, Sagar Kudyar as Varun, Sangam Rai as Sharey.
Web series type Drama, Erotic

Riti Riwaj (Water Wives) Storyline and cast

Riti riwaj Water Wives

The story of Riti Riwaj water Wives is based on the scarcity of water. They picture the web series on Rural, India, suffering from a shortage of water.

To gather more water, men are marrying multiple times. Riti Riwaj Water Wives will help you analyse the importance of water.

The cast of Riti Riwaj Water Wives

Web series name Riti Riwaj Water Wives
Director Ritesh Kumar
Cast Sanni Singh (Shanta), Payal (Beena), Ankita Bhattacharya (Maya), Yugant Pandey (Bhagat Ram), Vipul Gupta (Prakash )
Web series type Drama, Erotic

How to watch or Download Riti Riwaj part 2

You can watch or download Riti Riwaj wife on rent and Riti Riwaj Water Wives from official Ullu App. The web series is also available of MX player. You can visit the Mx player App to watch Riti Riwaj.

As we have discussed above, to watch or download Ullu official web series, you will need to purchase their subscription. The subscription rates are cheap, and one can easily afford that.

Why we should avoid using a pirated website like TamilRockers, RdxHD movies, Filmywap to watch movies or web series?

Pirated websites is banned in India. As per the Government rule, using any pirated website is a punishable offence.

After the release of Riti Riwaj part 2 on the official Ullu App, As per the news site update, the web series got leaked on pirated websites.

Do you know how much loss a movie producer and director are facing?

With lots of hard work, they create movies and web series for us and in return; they want us to watch them legally. But pirated websites are uploading content for free because of which they are getting an enormous loss.

So, I would request you, please use the correct way to watch web series or movies. If pirated websites will continue spreading piracy,  the day is not so far when the movie or web series creation will get stopped.

“Say no to Piracy and use a legal way.”


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