Den Broadband Plans 2021 – Price, Speed, Review

Den Broadband Plans – Den Network is a media and entertainment company that provides services to its customer through Cable TV, Broadband, etc.

In this blog, we’ll discuss on Den Broadband plan (Home and commercial), price, speed and options.

Den is one of the famous broadband service providers mainly operates in Delhi and NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Den expanded its business in more than 433+ cities across 13 key states with 13 million + customers.

I’m currently using Triple play broadband services but I’ve used Den broadband for a couple of months. I’ll share my personal experience.

When you’ll visit Den Broadband official website, you’ll see they’ve not disclosed there plans charges which I think is not correct as per customer rights.

The charges need to be disclosed by Den so the customer can make a decision which plan is best.

They’ve only mentioned the Den broadband plan comes with 20mbps, 50mbps and 100mbps speed. To check the price at first we need to apply for the broadband by filling a form.

As per customer rights and Telecome regulatory of India, all the telecom companies should clearly mention all the necessary details (charges, speed, total data, plan duration) on their website to operate.

Personal Experience With Den Broadband And Why I Like Triple-Play Services?

At the initial Den is one of the most reliable networks, but now the speed and uptime are not quite impressive.

I was quite annoyed with Den broadband speed, the speed was not consistent. Sometimes it works fine but suddenly it automatically stopped working.

If you’ll complain to their customer team they’ll say please clear your temporary files, caches and cookies and all but the issue took a long time to get sorted. I’ve to call multiple time to get this sorted.

I’m not saying Den broadband is not good, there are several cities where Den services are working absolutely fine and customer are happy too. But my experience with Den is not up to mark.

Before buying Den broadband plans please check out nearby if anyone using Den services, if yes takes their opinion and experience before installing.

There were several days when I was without WiFi connectivity, and after that, I decided to switch to another provider. I’m using Triple play services in Gurgaon from 1 year and it’s quite impressive.

The uptime, speed is quite good and it helped me a lot to work from home in lockdown. Checkout in your area if Triple play provides services, if yes it could be a great option for you.


Den Broadband Plans Price (2021)


Den broadband speed, home and commercial plans


Den Broadband Plans price vary city wise. I think Den provided the authority to the local provider and they decide the charges, reason because they’ve not specified charges on their website.

To check the current Den broadband charges at your area please call Den customer support team at 7827278080 or 0120-617-5000.

Just give a miss call on number 7827278080 and den customer support team will contact you then you can discuss the price and plan details.

Den Broadband Home And Commerical Plans


Den Broadband Monthly Plans (30 Days)

SL No.Plan-Monthly basisPrimary speedSecondary speedDaily Quota in Primary speedQuota in Secondary speedRate Rs. (Inclusive of all taxes)
110 Mbps10 Mbps 1 Mbps5 GB dailyUnlimited400
225 Mbps25 Mbps5 Mbps500 GBUnlimited700
325 Mbps25 Mbps5 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited800
450 Mbps50 Mbps2 Mbps300 GBUnlimited800
550 Mbps50 Mbps5 Mbps500 GBUnlimited1100
650 Mbps50 Mbps1 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited1200
7100 Mbps100 Mbps2 Mbps400 GBUnlimited1000
8100 Mbps100 Mbps10 Mbps500 GBUnlimited1500
9100 Mbps100 Mbps10 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited1800
10100 Mbps100 MbpsNA1000 GBNA830
11200 Mbps200 Mbps2 Mbps1500 GBUnlimited1180


Den Broadband 4 Month Plans (120 Days)

SL No.Plan- 4 MonthPrimary speedSecondary speedQuota in Primary speedQuota in Secondary speedRate Rs. (Inclusive of all taxes)
125 Mbps25 Mbps5 Mbps500 GBUnlimited2100
225 Mbps25 Mbps5 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited2500
350 Mbps50 Mbps5 Mbps500 GBUnlimited3186
450 Mbps50 Mbps5 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited3540
5100 Mbps100 Mbps10 Mbps500 GBUnlimited4602
6100 Mbps100 Mbps10 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited5310
7100 Mbps100 Mbps2 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited4250


Den Broadband 6 Month Plans (180 Days)

SL No.Plan- 6 Month Primary speedSecondary speedQuota in Primary speedQuota in Secondary speedRate Rs. (Inclusive of all taxes)
150 Mbps50 Mbps2 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited3600
2100 Mbps100 Mbps2 Mbps1000 GBUnlimited4250

Note**– The Den Broadband plan price may vary as per area, please call Den support team to know the price plan on your area.

We’ve shared the list of 30 days, 4 months and 6-month den broadband plans.
The plans are divided as primary data and secondary data along with speed.

Monthly plan 1– Under this plan, you’ll get primary data of  5 GB daily with the speed of 10 Mbps, once you reach the limit you’ll get unlimited data with a speed of 1 Mbps. The price of the plan is Rs. 400 (inclusive all taxes).

Monthly plan 2 – This plan provides total primary data of 500 GB with speed 25 Mbps, once you finished 500 GB data after that you’ll get unlimited data with the speed of 5 Mbps.  The plan price is Rs. 700 per month including taxes.

4-month plan 1 (120 days) – The first plan comes with 500 GB primary data with the speed of 25 Mbps, after that the data will be unlimited and capped to 5 Mbps.  The total price of the plan is Rs. 2100 including taxes.

6-month plan 1 (180 days) – This plan will provide a total 1000 GB of primary data with a primary speed of 50 Mbps, after reaching primary limit you’ll get unlimited data with a speed of 2 Mbps. The price of the plan is Rs. 3600 including taxes.


Internet Speed Of Den Broadband 

You’ll get an Awesome speed with Den Broadband.

If a Den broadband plan primary is 25 Mbps, they provide more than that like 26 or 27 Mbps.

That’s Awesome!

Overall, they are providing Fantastic speed as per plan.


Customer Support, Quality And Downtime

To be honest the customer support is not too great solving an issue. If you’ve any speed issue they’ll tell to clear your caches, cookies and all but many times it didn’t help. Seems issue from their end which took a long time to solve.

The other part is they never clearly mention the broadband plan rates on their website. To know the plan details you need to call their customer support which I think is not fair.

If a company is operating then they should clearly specify the plan cost, data detail on their website. Without, this can lead to misuse of the plan cost.

How You Can Contact Den Broadband Support Team

Den broadband customer care number – 0120-617-5000 or Give a miss call on 7827278080.

Email address – [email protected]

Grievance Officers Details

Call- 011-40522143 (Mon to Sat)

Email address- [email protected]


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Den broadband is one of the best broadband providers in India, on this post we’ve discussed on Den broadband plans, Den internet speed, Den broadband services.

I hope you like the post!

Thanks for your time and keep reading.

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