Blog Submission Sites List in 2020 with high Domain Authority

Are you searching for 2020’s best blog Submission sites list, you’re in the correct place. Here we will explore the best blog submission sites list which will assist you to increase traffic to your blog article, generate value backlink and increase search engine ranking.


Every blogger wants his / her site to appear on Google’s first page to help increase sales and generate income.
To get high-quality visibility to your blog article, you merely need to send your page to websites with high-level domain power to obtain a quality link authority.

What are blog submission sites?

Blog submission sites are those sites that allow you to send your blog’s URL or link, title and post description to the sites that enable backlink to be created.

You need to properly pick a website where you want to submit your URL, there are currently a lot of blog submission sites, but most of them are not active or have no useful domain power.

You need to pick such blog submission sites with excellent domain power to assist you, generate high-quality backlink and publish visibility.

Please do not submit your website to any such website that is not present or has no useful domain power, it is just a waste of time, and you may also be penalized by search engines.

Here we are going to address the list of blog submission sites with Good Domain Authority and are sure to submit a reference blog post or URL to help generate quality backlinks.

To generate value backlink, how to select blog submission sites?

There is a range of blog submission sites, but how do you choose the correct one? This issue occurs in the minds of each blogger who is willing to rank there website on top.

To submit your URL to blog submission sites, you need to inspect whether or not these websites are still present. You need to send your blog URL to those sites that have a strong Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Under this blog article, we will discuss with Good Domain Authority, Page Authority, and outstanding site rankings the blog submission sites list.


Do Blog Submission sites still operate?

Yes, blog submission sites certainly play a major role in increasing traffic, high-quality backlinks, and domain power.

If you are interested in increasing your blog traffic and linking power, kindly begin submitting your blog or website to websites or directories of strong domain authority.


Benefits of Blog Submission sites

If you’ve been misunderstood about why your blog or website should be submitted to important blog submission sites. Here we will address the incredible advantages of submitting a blog post.

  1. Blog submission sites assist you to generate performance backlinks free of charge.
  2.  Blog submission sites will help boost the authority of the domain.
  3. It’s going to help take more visitors to your blog.
  4. It helps to improve the search term of your blog.


How to use Blog Submission sites 

Here’s the practical manual on how blog submission sites can be used to submit your blog URL.

Below is a https:/ example, Just fill in your name, email, and body. You can mention your website URL under section body.




This is an example of

Step 1: visit link

Step 2: Register an account and enter your information




Step 3:  Click on Add your blog 



Step 4: Enter Web log information 

Step 5: Submit your weblog information and you will get a pop-up, your blog has been added and it should be verified within 72 hours.

Top Blog Submission sites lists

Here are the top 60 + Domain Authority and Moz Rank blog submission sites list. The status of these sites in the Domain Rank and Moz varies over the moment.
By checking you can inspect the present domain authority and Moz ranking.


Website listDomain Authority (DA)Page Authority (PA)Moz Rank


Download PDF File of Blog Submission Site List 


Download pdf file



To generate backlinks, increase the domain authority, get more visitors to your blog and rank in the search result, blog submission is very important.

Before submitting your database URL to blog submission sites, please review the terms and conditions of these applications.

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