Guitar Price: 10 Best Guitar under 5000 Rs in India June 2020

Guitar Price: Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 Rupees in June 2020 India | Guitar Price | Best Acoustic Guitar in India | Best acoustic Guitar for beginner 

Hey! Are you looking for an amazing Acoustic Guitar under 5000? 🎸

Well, you’re in the right blog. Blogging axis will help you purchase the best affordable guitar under 5000. Acoustic Guitar is a musical instrument that attracts music lover to play their favourite songs.

If you’re new and deciding to invest in Acoustic Guitar, but don’t know the best Acoustic Guitar under 5000. No worries, Blogging axis will guide you to make your decision.

Music plays a very important role in our lifestyle. If you are a beginner in Guitar 🎸, then under 5000 Rupees guitar at the starting will help you know your interest in Guitar.

The guitar is a classy musical instrument that attracts everyone, and most youngster buys Guitar for a showcase. If you are really interested to learn Guitar, then at start purchasing Guitar under 5000 will be the best option.

After a couple of month playing, you will know your interest in Guitar and then you can invest in premium Guitars. We have seen many people buy Guitar by looking other however when they find Guitar learning difficult they quit.

“Hard work is the key to success. Practice Hard.”

Keep reading to find out the best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 in India…….

We have looked over 20+ guitar and then we came up with the best acoustic guitar under 5000. Let do not waste time and move towards a list of 10 best acoustic guitar under 5000.

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List of 10 Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 in India 2020 🎸

  1. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  2. GIVSON KETOSTICS Venus  Acoustic Guitar 🎸 Right-handed
  3. Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  4. Zabel  Acoustic Guitar 🎸 Matt Finish, Natural
  5. Blueberry B-40, 40 Inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  6. Cavani 40 inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  7. Kordz Luana Natural Wooden 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  8. Giuson Venus Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar 🎸
  9. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar 🎸 under 2500 k (Value for money, Guitar for beginner)
  10. Juarez Acoustic Guitar 🎸 Left-handed

To check out the features and price of Guitar, keep reading……….

We have shared the Guitar list based on lots of research and customer reviews. While updating post all the above Guitar are under 5000 Rupees however, the price may vary by time.

Guitar learning is a great Practice, Checkout best Guitar for yourself under 5k.

1. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar 🎸

Kadence Frontier Series

Kadence is one of the best manufacturers of Guitar. If you are a beginner Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar can be a deal-breaking Guitar under 5000 Rupees. It comes with a brilliant Design and amazing Sound Quality.

Kadence Frontier Series Features 

The Guitar Strings are of Good quality made of Stainless steel.

You will get a Truss rod to adjust the action of your Guitar.

You will get accessories like Guitar bag, Strap, Strings and 3 Picks.

Overall, this is a great Guitar for beginner under 5000 with Amazing design and sound quality. Check Customer reviews and offers in Amazon, India. 🛍️


2. GIVSON KETOSTICS Venus VS-BLK Right-handed Acoustic Guitar


Givson is another great brand that builds quality Guitar and it’s the largest Guitar manufacturer in India. The amazon product includes 6 string set, Guitar, Guitar bag, belt and 5 picks.

Why buy Givson Ketostics Guitar?

After checking customer review, below are the important points why you should buy this Guitar?

Beautiful design and outstanding sound quality.

Value for money, Guitar for a beginner.

Truss rod to adjust Action.

Excellent quality of stings.

Overall, a great Alternative to Kadence Frontier Series with impressive design and sound quality.

🛍️ Check out latest price, reviews and offers on Amazon, India!  


3. Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK  (Value for money Best Guitar under 5000)

Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar

Martin Smith’s Guitar specially designed for students. This is one of the best design comes with accessories like Tuner, Guitar Stand, Spare string, Gig Bag, Picks, and bag Strap. For a beginner, this can be a splendid choice. 

 Features Martin Smith W-101-SB-PK Acoustic Guitar

The Guitar feature truss rod.

Build with a hi-gloss finish.

This Guitar comes with Steel strung and geared machine heads.

It includes a bag, picks, Tuner, Guitar stand, bag straps and Spare strings.

Get free Chords of the latest songs on the Pdtuk website.

This is an amazing Guitar comes with lots of features and accessories under 5k.

🛍️ Check the offer and Buy now on Amazon India!.


4. Zabel Matt Finish, Natural Acoustic Guitar 🎸


This acoustic guitar is one of finest collection from Zabel comes with smooth matt finish body. It makes guitar body of Spruce wood and the fretboard of maple wood that provide a longer lifespan. The guitar comes with a Cutaway design that provides an easy to hold Guitar.

Features of Zabel Matt Finish, Natural Acoustic Guitar

The Guitar include truss rod to adjust the action.

It includes Foldable Guitar Stand, Spare String pack, Pick, Capo and Tuner.

✔ The guitar comes with a matt finish Body.

Tuning Pegs are made of High-quality metal with smooth plastic keys.

This is one of the best Value for Guitar from Zabel brand equipped with lots of features.

🛍️  Shop and check price on Amazon India!


5. Blueberry B-40, 40 Inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸 (Best Guitar under 5000)

Blueberry Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry B-40 is a cutaway guitar designed to produce wonderful quality sound. The Guitar top made from Spruce wood, side and back made of linden wood,  neck made from catalpa wood. 

Features of Blueberry B-40, 40 Inch Acoustic Guitar

Equipped with Dual-action truss rod.

It includes 2 picks,  bag, belt, and string set.

Matt finish Design.

Impressive sound quality.

Overall, a Great guitar from Blueberry brand comes under 5000 Rupees.

🛍️Check reviews and offers on Amazon India!


6. Cavani 40 inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸

Cavani Acoustic Guitar

Cavani 40 inch Acoustic Guitar fretboard is made of Rosewood.  The design and sound quality of Guitar are good, but it does not include any bag, strap, picks and an extra set of strings.

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7. Kordz Luana Natural Wooden 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar 🎸

Kordz Acoustic Guitar

Kordz is one of the famous manufacturers of Guitar. The Guitar is made of quality timber to produce superb acoustic sound quality. The fretboard of Guitar is made of rosewood and it comes which truss rod to adjust the action of the guitar. Truss rod helps to maintain an action of Guitar and long durability.

Features of Kordz Luana

Comes with Truss Rod to adjust Guitar action and Truss rod helps to increase the lifespan of Guitar.

The package comes with two picks, a set of string and a bag.

Value for money, Guitar for beginner and intermediate.

It places the action of Guitar nice and the gap between string and fretboard is good.

Sound Quality is crisp and clear.

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8. Giuson Venus Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar 🎸

Giuson Venus Acoustic Guitar

Giuson Guitar is handcrafted with amazing sound quality and design. Comes with inbuilt pick up to plug and play with Amplifier. The package includes bag, Strap, 1 set of extra strings, and 2 picks.

Feature of Giuson Venus

It comes with a cable into a port that helps you connect your Guitar with Amplifier.

It includes Truss Rod.

Cutaway Design.

 🛍️ Buy from Amazon India!  


9. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar 🎸 (Best Guitar under 5000 Rs)

Intern Acoustic Guitar

If you are very new to Guitar learning, then Intern Acoustic Guitar could be a great option for you. We have added this Guitar to the list for a very new Guitarist.

If you don’t have any experience of Guitar and just trying to start now, then you should definitely purchase this Guitar. On offers, you will get the Guitar under 2500 Rupees. At the start, it will help you learn initial Guitar theories.

Features of Intern Acoustic Guitar

Excellent Guitar for Beginner.

Comes with Strap, Bag, Extra Strings set and 3 picks.

Guitar fingerboard is made of Linden wood.

Cutaway design.

Overall, This is an excellent Guitar for a very new beginner.

 🛍️ Checkout rating, reviews and price of Amazon India!


10. Juarez Acoustic Guitar 🎸 Left-handed 

Juarez Acoustic Guitar

As Intern Acoustic Guitar, this Guitar is also for very new Guitarist. This Guitar is a value for money Guitar comes under the price tag of 2000 rupees

Features Juarez Acoustic Guitar

COMFORTABLE string height.

Comes with 2 picks, extra string set, bag and strap.

Cutaway design and great hand on feel.

It’s a great Guitar for beginner and at the start, I’ve also used this guitar to test myself. Believe me, its great guitar for a beginner to learn with. If you have a tight budget, then at the start, you can purchase this.

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Above is the list of 10 best Guitar under 5000 Rupees, I hope this post helped you to decide on purchasing Guitar. Before making any purchase decision, please do extensive research online and you can also watch YouTube Videos.

Thanks for reading………

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