Best Affiliate Networks for passive income 2020

best affiliate networks

Best Affiliate Networks to earn huge

In this blog, I’m going to share with you the seven best affiliate networks to join in 2020 especially if you’re a beginner.

In today’s blog, we’re talking all about the best affiliate networks because if you want to get into affiliate marketing and you want to start promoting products you have to be part of an affiliate program. To get access to best affiliate networks right now I’ll share the best 5 Affiliate networks programs.


1.  ShareAsale best Affiliate networks

ShareAsale is one of the best affiliate networks, you see all the merchants.  It’s interesting that ShareASale has a lot of their programs are physical products include clothing lines, a lot of makeup lines, eyeglasses, physical goods, accessories. All sorts of stuff like that. A lot of these programs, they don’t pay super high commissions. They’ll pay may be anywhere from 5% about 15%commissions.

But the great thing about this is they are big brands. You don’t really have to do many sales. You just have to get in front of the right people and put the product in front of their faces. They’re going to buy it anyways.


2. MaxWeb

MaxWeb is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks. They focus primarily on digital products.  So, there’s a lot of stuff like that. They’re very fast-growing. They’re kind of similar to Clickbank. They’re kind of like a Clickbank competitor.

They generally have much higher payouts.  You can get paid anywhere between 25 to 75 percent of the sales and, much more aggressive commissions than its competitor ShareASale. But the merchants are much less known. So, you’re actually going to have to use presale pages or what have you. It’s not like Nike, you know? People are already searching for Nike. These are products people aren’t searching for. So, you’ll need to do cold traffic. Use all of the methods that we’re using.

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3. The Super Affiliate Network

Okay now, here’s a really exciting affiliate network that can make you a lot of money. It’s one of our first high ticket affiliate programs where you can make up to $54,00 with one sale. Its called the super affiliate network. And it’s run by this guy Misha Wilson. And they just have a nice track record of success. you can check out the top earners.

You can see all the successful super affiliate network earners. And you can see people’s ranks. And it’s really exciting because they’ve really created the community of success here. The amount of success and the amount of hype they bring, it’s really fun. They have events all around the world.  Great program.

And if you’re wondering about the commission structure, let me bring this up here. They pay somewhere from 30 to 70 percent. So, you can earn as much as 70% on some of these sales and they offer training products that range from $24 up to about $18,000. And you can earn about 30% of $18,000 about $5,400. So you have the chance of you know, getting $5,000 commission which is really, really, cool.  You’re getting free events. You’re getting all sorts of stuff. Really cool business model.


4.  Digistore24

Now, the next site I’m going to discuss with you is called digistore24. digistore24 is one of the largest affiliate networks in Germany. They actually do a quarter billion dollars business a year just in the German market. And they’re fast expanding in the US.

Digistore 24 is similar to Clickbank in the sense that it’s mostly digital products. Mostly $100 digital products. But that’s a really good niche. if you compare that to Clickbank, Clickbank has more different products that you can promote. But they’re growing fast.

Here’s one of their top-selling products. It’s called 3-day potty training.  You have all sorts of different products that you can sell in this marketplace. So check it out.


5. Clickbank

Okay now, fifth Affiliate Network is Clickbank. And Clickbank has about 5,000 products. Click bank is one of the best Affiliate networks which provide benefits to both product manufacturer and affiliates.

Pros of Clickbank

  • Get commission up to 75%
  • You can sell your product in most countries
  • Have more than 5000 products that provide more options to affiliates.
  • With Clickbank, you can get a recurring commission as they offer many recurring subscription products.

Conclusion on best Affiliate networks

In this post, we’ve discussed the best affiliate networks, Affiliate marketing is one of the best and huge earning platform, you can start with anyone to explore Affiliate marketing commissions.








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