Top 5 Best Google AMP blogger template 2020

AMP blogger template

Top 5 best Google AMP blogger template

Hello Everyone! In this post, we’ll discuss on best Google AMP blogger template that helps to boost your Website loading speed plus Google search ranking.

What is the Google AMP template for Blogger?

AMP’s full form is Accelerated mobile page.  AMP template is a Google project that is focused to offer faster loading speed of pages and enhance your website performance on mobile.

Using the AMP template will help you load your post blazing fast on mobile devices, The motive behind to develop an AMP template to create a fast user experience. As we know more than 50% of articles read by users on their mobile devices so in order to load web pages faster on mobile devices Google worked on the AMP template project that helps to load web pages faster on mobile as compared to other devices tablets, laptop, etc.


Benefits of AMP template

Using the AMP template for your website helps to load your web pages faster on mobile devices.

  1. Better engagement with users.

2. Reduce the bounce rate.

3. Boost web post search engine ranking.

4. It’ll help to boost the mobile ranking of your website.

5. Google prefers to show content that loads faster as user experience plays a very important role, faster load speed will make more audience engagement to your website.

6. AMP template will help to boost AdSense earning.

Best AMP blogger template plus SEO friendly

1. Infinite responsive AMP theme

An infinite responsive AMP theme is one of the best AMP Blogger themes loved by AMP them lovers. This theme is created by Arlinadzn and the best SEO Optimised blogger template.

Theme Name: Infinite responsive AMP theme
Theme platform: Blogger/
Price: Free

Features of Infinite responsive AMP theme

  1. Responsive
  2. Mobile and SEO friendly
  3. Dynamic heading, Social share button, Footer Menu, Breadcrumbs, etc.

        Infinite responsive AMP theme  DemoDownload 

2. BlanterdeAMP blogger theme

BlanterdeAMP Theme is created by IDblanter. The theme is fully responsive and suitable for a personal website. The handy feature like  AMP search box, navigation menus, supports comments, mobile sidebar, ultra-fast loading, top navigation bar, bright color, AMP-based buttons/iframe/sliders, etc.

BlanterdeAMP theme Demo / Download 


3. Infinite JLB blogger template

Infinite JLB AMP theme is designed with inspiration from an infinite AMP responsive theme. This theme is minimalistic and SEO ready. The best part of this them is you’ll get a meta section with clean design and interface.

The main feature of this them is dynamic heading, top banner ad, subscribes and social shares, Clean interface, etc.

Infinite JLB AMP template Demo / Download 


4. VlettersAMP Blogger Template

A Vletters AMP blogger template is a unique them which looks really nice. This theme comes with a large menu bar at the top with the advisement section on the right-hand side. The icons on this theme look large and boosted which feels nice to the eye.
The theme is SEO friendly with the advertisement section.

The handy feature of this theme is menu navigation, breadcrumbs, shortcodes and search box, advertisement section on right, popular post section, etc.

VlettersAMP Blogger Template Demo / Download


5. Siniladom AMP blogger template

A Siniladom AMP blogger template is designed by Ikhwan Zubir. This is one the best well designed them with a menu bar on the top and below that you’ll get a header Advertisement Section. Four columns Footer looks really nice with that you get an option to add your content on footer section.

It includes a feature like four columns footer, Header Ads, Clean design, Ads ready, etc.

Siniladom AMP blogger template demo/ download 



Under this post, we’ve discussed the 5 best Google AMP blogger templates, you can use any of the above themes to boost your website performance on mobile devices. We’ve shared a demo and download link you can check template demo then based on your need you can install it.

I hope this post helps you and If you find the article helpful please do like the post and share it with your friends.

Thank you!

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